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The Cygnet and the Firebird

By Evan 27 years ago2 Comments
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The Cygnet and the Firebird


The firebird came at night – a magnificent creature whose magical cry seemed to transform objects at random. Gifted with powers of her own, Meguet tried to reach out to the bird. But at moonrise, the firebird became human, a prince cursed by dark magic. Meguet vowed to help him. But then the mystery carried her away, on alien winds, to a land far from her home…

At the edge of the world, the Luxor Desert awaits – a barren land where a sorcerer’s war rages. Where invisible dragons cast shadows over ruined castles. And where Meguet’s own fate depends upon a secret locked away in a tower for centuries…

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  • Kristyn says:

    I most recently reread this in German (I’m reviewing my German skills, and decided to begin with books familiar to me), and I was struck by the wonder Rad felt about the dragons. I was also struck by just how much damage Brand’s father does to his son Brand and Rad. The depth of the hurt done to Rad and Brand was the depth of their friendship.

    I love both of the Cygnet books, but the Cygnet and the Firebird has always made a stronger impression on my emotions.

  • Helen says:

    Always seemed like there should be a third book.
    What happens to with the other 2 sisters for instance?

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